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Technology Support


For Immediate Response

Call:  (714)730-7301 ext. 51489 

For 24-72 Hour Response Time


Tustin Unified Educational Technology Website

If you need help with your device, the Tustin Unified Educational Technology Website  is where you want to go. The site includes resources for topics ranging from how to request an app to common troubleshooting steps to support students. Parents can also access helpful resources such as video tutorials on how to set up their parent account in Schoology.

Follow this link to learn more:  Tustin Unified Educational Technology Website


Image of Parent Square Resource

Parent Square

Our primary source for communication will be through Parent Square. Please be sure to confirm your settings and set your preferences. These links provide details on how to do so.

Overview Video
Where you can Access/Login to ParentSquare
Changing your personal settings in ParentSquare
Parent Square 101 Overview





Parent Access to Schoology and the Gradebook

Parents who signed up for a Schoology parent account and entered an access code for their

child last year will still be connected this year. For any parents who did not do that or are new to our district, parent access codes will be updated in Aeries soon. Here is a video that shows how parents can find their child’s access code and create a Schoology Parent account so they are connected to their child’s courses and teachers.



Device Insurance 

Insurance is available for both iPads and Surface Pros. Please check out these resources to purchase.